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Getting Crafty: For the Makers gift box fun!

This year, for Christmas with my PREP ladies, I bought us all a very cool little gift – a gift box from For the Makers. For the Makers is a subscription craft service where they send you a box each month with 4-5 crafts with all of the supplies you need (like Birchbox but for CRAFTS…awe-some). Very cool, and while I haven’t signed up for an official subscription, I loved that I could test drive with the gift boxes that were available in December. They were mini-versions of the regular box that included vintage beaded heart shoe clips, glitter ornaments, and an awesome little leather pouchette.

I finally got around to breaking out the box and put together the pouchette and shoe clips yesterday. AND, since I don’t have a job and can therefore browse Pinterest endlessly, I also found this cool tutorial for painting leather. It was the perfect way to spice up my little pouchette, and I love it!

I did a lot of test painting on my leather, and ended up not using the white base coat for mine – I just mixed a little water into my colored paint. I wanted it to have a slightly more worn-in feel, so this worked out great. I also had really light leather, and it wasn’t as important for the color to pop as much against the leather, so the technique you use ¬†kind of just depends on what look you want and what you’re working with.

Here are the paints I used. I wasn’t sure what kind of sealer to use, so I just went with this Krylon Satin Finish spray, and it looks great and hopefully will hold up. It was also good because I accidentally picked up a glossy acrylic paint, and the spray made it a little more matte so it matches the non-treated leather a little better.

I love this – it’s the perfect size to fit my cell phone, and so hopefully I can use it as a grab and go kind of thing. I’m also thinking about sealing the envelope edges to make it a bit more secure for credit cards & ID – but we’ll see how this works out for now!

The shoe clips are also adorable – can’t wait to wear them out on these wedges! Apparently, they’re also one of a kind vintage hearts, which makes them even better. Too bad I didn’t make them in time for St. Patrick’s day.

It was so great – For the Makers provided everything I needed to put these together (including a needle) except the Tacky Glue and scissors. And, btw, I hadn’t used Tacky Glue since I was a kid. Instantly, memories of gluing yarn and pom poms to construction paper came flooding back, and I was happy to feel like an 8-year-old again.

Overall, I am really happy with my little box, and it has inspired me to start being more crafty! I have tons of supplies and fabric and ideas floating around, but motivation is definitely the hardest part.

Here’s to crafting!

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