2012 New Year’s Cooking Resolutions

It’s been several months since I’ve posted, but I figure that the new year is the perfect time to restart.

2011 was a great year, and I am excited about 2012; I think it will be the best yet.

I have a few cooking resolutions for this year, and I would like to update this list as the year goes on. Hopefully I’ll also post the results of my efforts, which leads me to my first resolution:

  1. Blog more & take more pictures.
  2. Make croissants (this seems like a great place to start).
  3. Make hollandaise sauce and master poached eggs.
  4. Try the Baked brownie recipe. I tried the caramel version from their Baked: Explorations book, and it didn’t really turn out well for me. So I want to try their basic recipe now and see if they turn out better.
  5. Make homemade vanilla extract.
  6. Use my cookbooks more.
  7. Use food from my pantry instead of spending so much on groceries, and wasting food that goes bad.
  8. Use my crockpot more. Here’s a good inspiration.
  9. Make doughnuts, using my new doughnut pan!
  10. Update my blog header and/or template.

I’m sure there will be more to come, but hopefully this will get me started!

Happy New Year to you and yours. What are your resolutions (kitchen-related or otherwise)?

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