30-day Photo Challenge, Day 11: Something blue

Today, Meredith and I went to Wrightsville Beach, and it was PERFECT.  The weather was warm but the breeze was cool, and the water and sky were beautiful shades of blue.

One funny/random/kind of weird thing: we got there about noon, and of course, it was practically impossible to find parking. We drove around for about 25 minutes just trying to find an open spot, and as we were driving past this random house, a bunch of guys who were walking to the beach yelled at us through the window.


“What?” we yelled through the window, looking extremely sketched out.

“You looking for parking?”


Gesturing towards an open spot in a driveway-ish area, “You can park here”.

Cue our kind of confused, skeptical faces as I backed up and pulled up to the spot.

“You can park here. It’s our house – we do it all the time.”

“Okay…” I say, still super skeptical as I pull my car up over the curb into the spot.

It turned out to be totally worth it. They were charging $10 for the day, but it was shady and I didn’t have to drive any more. I was slightly worried that I was going to return to find my car towed, but it all turned out well in the end. Now, if only our sunblock application had turned out just as well…

Here’s the Flickr group with the rest of the 30-day photos.

Coming up tomorrow: Sunset

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One thought on “30-day Photo Challenge, Day 11: Something blue

  1. eftychia says:

    I get very abset when I am not able to find a parking the minute I want it 🙂 You were lucky to find one. The day seemed to be very nice…

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