30-day Photo Challenge, Day 8: Bad habit

Well, I’m definitely getting behind on my photos. As you can see, today is clearly June 9, and I only have my Day 8 photo to post. I will be catching up this weekend. My very good friend (and one of the PREPs) Meredith is visiting this weekend, and I’m taking the day off tomorrow to be a tourist in my own town, so I should have plenty of time to take some good photos. We’re checking out the 30 Americans exhibit at the NC Museum of Art, going to see Inception at the outdoor Museum Park, heading to Wrightsville for a day trip, and having brunch at Humble Pie on Sunday. Should be a good weekend!

Anyway, back to the photo. Day 8 is a bad habit, and you could maybe say this is two bad habits rolled into one: procrastination, and hitting the snooze button 3-4 times every morning.

Every morning, it’s a battle between my deeply intense desire to close my eyes and snuggle down for a few more minutes and the need to actually, you know, be a grown up and get to work on time.

Which wins? Let’s just say I have my morning routine honed to the minute, and if need be, I can be up and out the door, with a shower, in 20-25 minutes.

Here’s the Flickr group with the other 30-day challenge photos, and here’s White Peach Photography’s photos.

Coming tomorrow: Day 9 (Someone you love) and Day 10 (Childhood memory)

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