30-day Photo Challenge, Day 7: Fruit

This is an amazing time for fruit.  I got blackberries and blueberries from my CSA last week, and the blackberries were delicious.  Unfortunately, my batch of blueberries were only so-so, but it was a little bit lucky because there were enough leftover for me to take my photo of the day.

Unfortunately, I realized a tiny bit too late that my photos are a little bit out of focus.  So while I like the composition, it’s just shy of awesome. Oh well. Lesson learned: don’t throw away your prop/subject till you double check your photos.

Another thing I’m slowly realizing…props really make the photo. For example, here’s the same basic shot but without the teapot (this is also not edited at all):

Boring, right? So much better with the teapot in the background.  See now, I’ve got two lessons learned in this one post.

Here are the rest of the photo challenge photos, and here’s White Peach Photography’s blueberry photo.

Coming up tomorrow: a bad habit.

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