30-day Photo Challenge, Day 5: From a high angle

Today was a busy (for me) Sunday filled with brunch and baking.  My friend Whit and I tackled not one, but two recipes from the Baked Explorations book, and Shawn was our cheerleader.  It was a whirlwind of dishes, dish towels, pots and pans, and 10.5 sticks of butter.

The results were quite lovely (albeit a little fall-like), and here is my day 5 “from a high angle” photo:

And just for kicks, a few extras.

Burnt Sugar Bundt Cake – delicious. Love bundt cakes. The burnt sugar shards on top are pretty good. Page 141 of the book.

Caramel Apple Cake (page 138 of the book). Super moist. First three layer cake I’ve ever made, and definitely one of the fussiest cakes I’ve made…ever. But I had fun frosting it, so I’m thinking I’ll need to start making more layer cakes.

Here’s the Flickr group.

Here’s White Peach Photography’s Day 5 photo.

Coming up tomorrow: from a low angle.

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