30-day Photo Challenge, Day 4: Something green

Something green…I was not particularly inspired on this one. I thought I would have plenty of time to take something really cool, since it was a weekend and all. But, despite having way more time than I did for the past few days’ challenges, I ran out of time today to think of something clever. It was a beautiful, sunny day, but the outdoors-y, landscape-y shots that I took were not really anything special.

I spent part of the afternoon seeing the home-beer-brewing process up close and personal, and this was the last picture I took, in a desperate attempt to capture something green. Eh, it does the trick.

But, I did see “Bridesmaids” and it was pretty good.  I’d recommend it.  It was a little bit different than I thought it was going to be (a little less “female Hangover” and a little more romantic comedy), but Kristen Wiig is great in it.

Here’s the Flickr group.

Here’s White Peach Photography’s amazing ‘green’ photo.

Coming up tomorrow: From a high angle.

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