Container Garden Update

After a brief recovery period after the move/first harvesting, my plants are growing again and flowering for a second time! I’m looking forward to a late harvest of green peppers and tomatoes.

Tomato plants looking so much happier with the new stakes to keep them up. They’re pretty much touching the roof on the deck.

Just thought this was pretty.

And, do you remember the green tomatoes from a few weeks ago? They ripened on the counter! And they were good! That was a nice surprise, and one time that my procrastination paid off.

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2 thoughts on “Container Garden Update

  1. Meredith says:

    Your plants look so great! I’m sure you’ll be getting another big batch of tomatoes.

    All my tomato plants grew OUT instead of UP…did you trim branches to encourage them to get that tall and not wide, or is that just how it happened? I have definitely learned a lot for next year…!

    • Rachel says:

      Mine actually totally curled over because they got too tall and were unsupported, and I had to buy 6′ stakes and tie the branches to keep them up. I didn’t trim any of the branches really – just staked them pretty well. Some of the branches did break off in the move so they look a little skinnier than they might have been. Also, maybe it’s just the type of tomato plants?

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