Container Garden – Week…it’s been awhile

Well…I’m in a new place, much larger and woodsier. I have a new, much bigger deck area, so now I can have the plants spread out a bit more, and walk around them. One of my tomato plants suffered a little injury in the move – one of the stalks fell over. However, it wasn’t totally broken so I was able to rig it up by tying it to the cage to keep it upright. So far, so good. Some of the other stems did break off totally, but overall casualties were not too bad. {note: these photos were taken last week…I’m behind}

I was concerned about sunlight in the new place, since I’m in a much shadier apartment complex, but the plants still seem to be thriving.

Look at this beauty! Right after I moved, almost all of my tomatoes started turning red.

Here’s two growing on the same vine. Pretty, no?

I was also so excited to see my bell peppers turning! {sidenote: you can sort of see some aphids on these suckers. Gross. All I can say is that I could never be a real gardener. Bugs are my downfall.}

And here’s my first harvest! The first tomato that appeared on my plants, on the left, and another smaller tomato. I had a tomato sandwich with the first (the slices were so big they were the same size as the sandwich bread) and I’ve since made a pasta salad with the other – more to come on that.

I’ve also picked about a billion serrano peppers and they’re languishing in the fridge right now…I’ll likely bring them into work.  I’m also growing more basil than I even know what to do with…suggestions? Besides pesto?

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