Container Garden, Week 8

It’s amazing how quickly vegetables grow in one week.

First of all, my tomato plants are much, much taller than me.

There are still plenty of flowers on the tomato plants, but only one more tiny tomato. You can see the new tiny tomato on the bottom and my first tomato on the top – it’s gotten much bigger in a week!

I also have four green peppers, and they’re growing at a nice rate! I can’t wait to see them turn different colors.

And finally, my serranos.  Some of them are quite big now, so I’m just waiting till they turn color to pick them. On another note, my serrano pepper plants were overrun with ants and aphids (I think).  It was quite gross – lots of little bugs on the undersides of the leaves and ants crawling all over. I did some research and discovered that ants will “farm” aphids, so although ants themselves won’t plants, they will bring aphids to the plants, and aphids do eat the plants. So I bought some plant bug spray. Hopefully that will keep my poor pepper plant bug free and healthy. I’ll just have to wash everything more carefully before I eat them.


4 thoughts on “Container Garden, Week 8

  1. Shannon says:

    what diameter are your containers?

    • Rachel says:

      Shannon – I’m not sure, maybe 20″? I read online that you should put tomatoes in 5 gallon containers, so I tried to get something around that size. I’m terrible at dimensions but if I remember it I’ll measure soon!

  2. Meredith says:

    I can’t believe how huge your pepper plants are!!

    Are you picking the sucker branches off your tomatoes or just letting them get as branchy as they want to? I’ve been picking the suckers, but I’m thinking of stopping because half of my tomato plants still look so spindly.

    I had aphids on my roses, which aren’t nearby my veggies, but thanks for the warning – I will be checking my peppers!

    • Rachel says:

      I don’t even know what sucker branches are! But I’m not pruning them in any way – although I did kind of let them dry out a few days and that killed a few branches, which I did pick off.

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