Container Garden – Week 7

This week marks the appearance of the first actual fruits/veggies on my plants!

I had to rearrange the plants again so you could get a good view of the green pepper plant, but they’re all still growing steadily. They’re also using a lot more water so I have to water them almost daily now. I finally broke down and bought a watering can so it only takes me two trips back and forth instead of 6 or 7 (I was, unfortunately, using one of those 2 quart pitchers as my watering can). Hooray efficiency!

Here’s one of the three green peppers …

… one of the many serrano peppers. The serranos are in various stages of growth – some are teeny, covered by the flower, some are like this, and a few have lost the flower altogether.

Aaaand, here’s the first tomato! Already I am excited because I can see it’s going to be big and funky shaped.  I have plenty of blossoms, so I’m hoping more will start growing soon.

Also, the tomato plants are now taller than me, I think. It’s hard to tell because I took this myself, so the angle wasn’t totally straight on, but if they aren’t already taller than me, they will be soon. The basil is still growing strong, but I figured you didn’t need to see another picture of my lovely basil plant.

On another note – I really don’t understand the “proper” way to pick off basil – people seem to pick off whole stalks that they can then sit in a glass of water…but all I can get are individual leaves. It’s very perplexing. I want to avoid having my basil plant flower too early, so any tips would be very helpful.

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2 thoughts on “Container Garden – Week 7

  1. Meredith says:

    When you pick basil, cut off the whole top of a stalk just above a set of leaves. Look for a pair of leaves that has little baby leaves looking like they’re about to sprout out of either side just above the big leaves – those little tiny leaves won’t ever grow bigger until you cut off the stem above them, then they’ll sprout into two more stalks from that point, giving you a bigger and bushier plant. That’s also how you’ll keep it from flowering – by always cutting off the top few tiers of leaves, it will be putting all its energy into growing a pair of new stalks from the cut point instead of blooming at the top of an older stalk. You just never let a stalk hang around long enough or grow tall enough to get a flower at the end. I think if you only keep picking leaves, it will eventually flower anyway. I’ve cut mine once or twice each, and they’re branching off nicely and getting very full! From the point I cut them, they’ve developed at least a couple more tiers of leaves in only a week! And in the mean time, if I do want to use some basil before the new stalks are tall enough to cut again, I’ll just pick individual leaves from farther down the plant.

    I commented before how my basil never gets big and bushy like yours is, but now that I have it planted outside, it seems so much happier!

    Yay for your fruits growing, I can’t wait to see them get bigger!

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