Container Garden, Week 6

My plants have flowers! I was VERY excited this week to find all of my plants blooming with little buds. You’ll also be happy to know that the serrano peppers are doing very well after being staked – they’re growing evenly and straight. The green pepper has grown up a bit as well, so I think it’s doing okay.

They continued to grow like crazy (especially the tomato plants), so I had to rearrange them a little bit to ensure that everything was getting enough sun.

Both my serrano pepper plants had flowers (top), as well as the green pepper (bottom).

The green pepper flowers are hidden under its gigantic leaves, but they are there.

Both my tomato plants had beautiful little yellow flowers as well – which means tomatoes aren’t too far behind!

Speaking of – my tomato plants are huge…they are almost as tall as me! The stalks are thick, and there are plenty of leaves and buds showing. I had to move the basil from behind them because they were blocking all the sunlight.

However, my basil seems pretty happy. It’s growing more and more leaves, so I’m looking forward to having some tomatoes to eat with this basil.

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2 thoughts on “Container Garden, Week 6

  1. Meredith says:

    Yay!! Looks awesome…

    Only one of my tomatoes has two little flowers, but three of the peppers have flower buds and one has one actual flower. I staked mine after you said yours needed it, and at the time mine were short enough that I just used wooden skewers like you use for kabobs on the grill, but two of the peppers are already too tall for that so I am going to have to get some actual stakes, hehe.

    Your basil looks gorgeous, nice and full and bushy like the pictures all do but my plants never do!

    • Rachel says:

      I have to admit…the only reason my basil looks as good as it does is because I bought it already pretty full 🙂 But I’ve been picking off leaves a lot, so I think that’s helping too.

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