Container Garden, Week 4

Week four and my plants are really growing.  My serrano pepper plants are growing quite a bit more than the green pepper plant, and so I’m thinking I might have used a too small pot for the green pepper.  I guess we’ll see; I can always re-pot it later.  The basil continues to be prolific, and I’ve picked off another handful of leaves from it for this week.

My tomato plants in particular are really sprouting!  They’re up to the second bar on the cages, and have grown much fuller.

Incidentally, when I took these pictures it was downpouring rain.  The entire week was rainy, capped off with a weekend filled with crazy thunderstorms and off and on rain.  It was the type of storm where the thunder and rain would be really intense, and then, suddenly, it would stop and the sun would come out.  But, boy, when it rained, it RAINED.  I’m not sure if you can see in this picture, but the courtyard outside my apartment is totally flooded:

There’s just a lake of water over the grass.  My parking lot was gushing floods of water, but as soon as it stopped raining, it cleared right up.  But, we definitely needed the rain, so hopefully we won’t have any droughts this year!  And I didn’t have to water my plants almost at all for the entire week.

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One thought on “Container Garden, Week 4

  1. katerina says:

    I can’t believe how WET that grass is, it totally looks fake, crazy!

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