Container Garden, Week 3

This is a little bit late, but I took these photos on Sunday. My plants are really growing now – much leafier and green.

It’s amazing seeing the growth week to week.

My little green pepper plant is looking quite gorgeous: deep green, shiny leaves.

My tomato plants are also growing quickly, but I’m pretty impatient and can’t wait till they start growing vegetables! But luckily, my basil plant is quite prolific.

I’ve already picked off a handful of big leaves and already it’s filled out with even more big leaves. I’m loving having fresh basil on hand again!

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One thought on “Container Garden, Week 3

  1. drop30 says:

    I am so jealous of your basil plant ,I planted basil seeds but I don’t think any of them cracked!
    There is nothing like a tomato picked straight from the plant,they are just divine.

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